Rosy Garibay

Ranger & Mountaineer Program Manager

As Program Manager for the Ranger and Mountaineer Program, Rosy supports the recruitment, learning, and development of City Kids youth in early adolescence. She oversees the school-year afterschool program, as well as outdoor weekend trips and summer camp programming for her cohorts. Rosy is a Chicago native who graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Arts. As a photography intern for anthropological research, Rosy travelled to the Kayapo village of A’Ukre in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, as well as to the Mayan pueblo of Xculoc in Campeche Mexico. She then moved to Utah to become an outdoor instructor in wilderness therapy for adolescents. Rosy continued to be involved in the therapeutic industry while obtaining her Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification and participating in one of the first NOLS affinity courses. Rosy is enthusiastic about outdoor sports and activities, social justice, and therapeutic terminology and theories.