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Holiday: Impossible

For the holidays, Chef Robert Irvine is heading west to Jackson Hole, Wyo. to visit the City Kids Wilderness Project, a camp in the heart of the Grand Teton Mountains that welcomes at-risk teens from the inner city of Washington, D.C. Robert’s giving back by redoing three of their spaces in just three days, updating their 25-year old facilities that are full of broken equipment, disorganization, and under-utilized space. As Robert get to know the campers, he is inspired to add more special surprises and a cook a huge barbecue with help from chef Stephanie Izard.

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City Kids Featured in JH Style Magazine – 2015

Spotlight on Nonprofits
Every summer, kids from Washington D.C.’s most vulnerable communities come out to Jackson for an experiential program that teaches them valuable skills and provides inspiration and encouragement to follow their dreams. Students join the program in sixth grade and participate in school year programs in D.C. as well as Jackson-based summer programs. Students remain in the program through high school graduation, and this long-term engagement helps them succeed in adulthood. Older youth become peer leaders for younger ones and participate in job training and college preparation programming.

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City Kids Featured in Jackson Hole News & Guide – 2015

City Kids Know No Bounds
Over the last three weeks a large group has spent time in Jackson Hole kayaking, whitewater rafting, backpacking, camping and even climbing the Grand. The group has accomplished more in 21 or so days than most 90-day wonders ever dream of. But these aren’t your typical outdoorsmen or “dirtbags.”  The group of river-running, mountain-tackling adolescents are here with City Kids, a nonprofit that provides underserved and at-risk Washington, D.C.-area youth with wilderness experiences. The organization is made up of sixth- through 12th-graders, and they visit Jackson each year to accomplish a laundry list of tasks.

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City Kids Featured in Washingtonian – 2015

City Kids Wilderness Project Turns 20, Looks Forward to Its Next Decade

Landing at the airport in Jackson Hole in 1996 was a breathless experience: I was immediately transformed by the cool, crisp mountain air and clear sky that was devoid of Washington, DC’s congestion, honking horns, and tall buildings. I was in Jackson scouting for the perfect place to start a summer camp for under-resourced DC youth, and when I found Broken Arrow Ranch nestled between the Hoback River and the mountains, I knew that I had found just the right place.

I grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and struggled all throughout school—learning the conventional way was challenging for me, and the lack of support and positive reinforcement affected my confidence. Because learning the traditional way wasn’t working for me, my parents and I looked for a school that offered a more empirical experience. So at 16, I headed west to a school that had an outdoor leadership program and something clicked when my learning environment changed.

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City Kids featured on the NOLS Blog – 2014

City Kids and the Wilderness Risk Management Conference

The Wilderness Risk Management Conference (WRMC) unites hundreds of the nation’s leading outdoor organizations, schools, and businesses annually in an effort to “offer an outstanding educational experience to help mitigate the risks inherent in exploring, working, teaching, and recreating in wild places.” WRMC attendees absorb and learn a lot from one another through workshops, exercises, structured networking sessions, and much more.

We want to highlight some of the organizations that continually come the WRMC and find out why they attend and how the WRMC has influenced their risk management practices. Recently, we interviewed Colleen McHugh, the program director of City Kids Wilderness Project (CKWP), an outstanding nonprofit youth organization that has been returning annually to the WRMC.

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City Kids Featured as WAMU’s July 2012 Community Minute

Community Minute: Using the Natural World to Teach Life Skills

City Kids Wilderness Project works to provide educational enrichment activities and outdoor adventure programming for underserved and at-risk inner-city youth from the D.C. area between the ages of 11 and 24. The program is focused on experiential learning, joining youth and staff in a cooperative family atmosphere, utilizing the outdoor, natural environment as a classroom for academic, recreational and life skills.

To listen to this feature, please visit the WAMU website.

City Kids Featured in the December 2011 Washingtonian

For a teenager who’s never left the District’s inner city, kayaking the Snake River might seem like something that happens only in the movies. But for 100 at-risk youth in the City Kids Wilderness Project, it’s just part of summer camp. Groups—made up of young people from age 11 to their early twenties—spend up to nine weeks at the nonprofit’s 62-acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they can backpack through Yellowstone National Park, hike the Grand Tetons, and go horseback riding.