JET Program

The JET Program is a leadership development and job training program for high school aged youth. JETs serve as mentors and counselors-in-training on trips in Washington, DC and at camp on Broken Arrow Ranch in Jackson, WY. The JET Program is open to any high school aged City Kid participant who has completed the Ranger, Mountaineer, Elite and Leadership years of the City Kids program. Youth interested in becoming a JET must complete an enrollment and evaluation process. If selected, youth will complete training both in DC and in Jackson, WY. As a part of this program, JETs will be eligible to participate in year round programming and training including Wilderness First Aid and CPR training, weekend outdoor adventure trips, and the opportunity to serve as mentors and support for younger youth.

AfterschoolVInternship & Job Program

All high school and post-secondary youth are eligible for support through City Kid’s Internship & Job Placement Program. Youth must apply to be a part of the program and commit to fulfilling program requirements; including, training, evaluation, and regular attendance. Any youth interested in a formal internship and job training program will be accepted to either the DC or WY program.

DC Internship & Job Program
The DC Internship & Job Program provides youth with the skills and support that they need in the internship and job search process. The program continues beyond securing youth employment placements, providing youth with the training and support that they need to excel in their positions. This program includes professional development workshops and weekly support meetings through the duration of each youth’s summer internship or job placement.

Broken Arrow Internship Program
The Broken Arrow Internship Program is a residential program that provides youth with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in Jackson Hole through independent internships. The application and internship placement process begins in early spring each year. Youth will have mandatory workshops, regular evaluations, as well as organized social and outdoor adventure opportunities throughout their time in WY. The WY Internship & Job program allows youth the opportunity to be a part of the City Kids community at Broken Arrow Ranch while exploring individual interests and gaining critical job skills and experiences. Past internships have included maintaining trails at Grand Teton National Park and Friends of Pathways, building houses with Habitat for Humanity, and assisting kayaking instruction at Rendezvous River Sports.

City Kids Office Internships
City Kids offers two volunteer intern positions each fall and spring for City Kids high school students as an opportunity to gain valuable office experience and fulfill high school graduation community service hour requirements. Youth work in the City Kids office, completing administrative tasks and assisting with program development, while receiving regular evaluation and professional development support.

Individual Post Secondary & Career Support

As youth enter the Internship & Transition part of their journey, there is an increased focus on preparing youth for their post-secondary educational and career opportunities. City Kids conducts a needs assessment for each youth, provides workshops on the college application process, scholarship opportunities and essay critiques, as well as organized college tours. Youth are also supported in their employment efforts; City Kids provides individual job search coaching, cover letter and resume writing workshops, interview preparation, and continued support once employed. City Kids works to provide each youth with the level of support that they need, and fosters connections to opportunities that will best serve each youth.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

City Kids looks to provide youth with experiential learning and leadership development opportunities outside of the City Kids program to provide youth with further experiences for personal, academic and professional growth.

nols_logoCity Kids youth are currently eligible for scholarships to the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) as a member of the NOLS Gateway Scholarship Program. NOLS courses typically consist of a 30 day wilderness leadership experience around the country.

NCOBS_logo_vert-blueCity Kids youth are also eligible for scholarships to the North Carolina Outward Bound School where participants spend two weeks based in the outdoors of Western North Carolina.

City Kids youth also have opportunities to participate in Wilderness Adventures courses in the summer, a fantastic program offering opportunities to adventure across the country.

City Kids is looking to expand our partnerships to provide our youth with additional academic and experiential opportunities. Please contact us If you are interested in providing an experience for a City Kids youth!

Scholarship Opportunities

City Kids looks to provides its youth with opportunities within the program to connect you to outside scholarship resources for academic and leadership development programs. City Kids also offers:

City Kids Senior Scholarship
The City Kids Senior Scholarship is a one time $1000 scholarship to assist outstanding City Kids seniors pursue their post-secondary goals. The scholarship is awarded to actively involved seniors who has demonstrated commitment, outstanding leadership, and upholds City Kids values.