Sarah Cryder

Executive Director

Colleen McHugh

Director of Programs

Headshot of Rodney Fuller

Rodney Fuller

Director of Programs

Justin Marlen

Ranch Manager

Meena Fernald

Associate Program Director

Paige McLaughlin

JET Program Manager

N’Dea Stewart

Elite & Leadership Program Manager

Katie Guerin

Director of Development & Communications

Dan Ebert

Dan Ebert

Development Manager

Sara Ghebremichael

Director of Administration & Special Projects

Greg Ley headshot

Greg Ley

Human Resources & Operations Manager

MaryBeth Maeder

Administrative Associate

Ian Garland

Afterschool Educator

Caitlyn Valadez

Weekend Trip Instructor

Arii Sylvers

Weekend Trip Instructor

Elizabeth Westbrook

Weekend Trip Instructor

Mike Ross

Weekend Trip Instructor

Em Morrison

Weekend Trip Instructor

Tyrone Lofton

Weekend Trip Instructor

Tyrhee Moore

Weekend Trip Instructor

Martinae Irving

Weekend Trip Instructor

Photo Credits

Photo Credits

City Kids Staff & Volunteers

City Kids staff and volunteers take all of the photos used in City Kids’ materials. We are very grateful for our talented team members and for their incredible contributions as a part of the City Kids community. 2017-2018 photo credits include all year-round, school-year, and summer staff and volunteers:

Anya Lagasse, Ben Gorman, Cassie Degener, Callie Sadler, Charlie Martin, Charlie Wang, Colleen McHugh, Crystal Baker, David Holzworth, David Prehn, David Wilson, Eliza Mott, Elizabeth Westbrook, Eloise Russo, Em Morrison, Emily Scharff, Eric Newsom, Guy Trautman, Hanna Koerner, Jacob White, Jen Spencer, Jennifer Sokolower, Jessie Hook, Joe Sadler, Jordan Haferbier, Katiya Gombar, Kiersten Van Houten, Martinae Irving, MaryBeth Maeder, Mattison Boyer, Max Rawson, Meena Fernald, Michelle Howell, Mick Wang, Montae Franklin, Moriah Petty, N‘Dea Stewart, N’Jiri Hunter, Nia Abram, Philip Rogers, Rohan Chaudhary, Ryan Sarafolean Banning, Sara Ghebremichael, Theresa Meyers, Tyrhee Moore, Tyrone Lofton, Will Marshall

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City Kids Wilderness Project


City Kids Wilderness Project is a non-profit organization founded on the belief that providing enriching life experiences for DC children can enhance their lives, the lives of their families and the greater community.

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