March 16, 2020
Erin Spaht, Reese Waters (WUSA 9), James Hash, Tevin Johnson | Get Up DC

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“WASHINGTON — Since 1996, City Kids has been serving youth from DC.

It’s founder, Randy Luskey, started City Kids as an experiential program to teach children how to be prepared for life beyond learning possible in a traditional classroom.

City Kids provides DC youth with life-changing opportunities to help them learn, grow, and build the skills they need to set goals and work towards their dreams.

It currently operates school year and summer programs for 130 DC youth, enrolling new youth in the sixth grade and providing program support through middle school and high school.

“I am fortunately connected to City Kids during the school year. This year we visited colleges, went skiing, camped and participated in team-building activities. I also earned community service hours by doing office work (I had a great time and learned a lot). I also learned First Aid skills which further ignited my passion to pursue a career in the Fire Department and the EMS,” a City Kids Alumnus said.

City Kids’ program is based around three core principles: long-term youth engagement, experiential education programming with a focus on overcoming challenges, and goal setting with a focus on future planning.

Its programs exist to position participants for success in adulthood by getting them off to the right start as a youth.

Our goals include that our youth graduate from high school or earn their GED, that they enroll in a post-secondary education program or obtain a job, and that they are involved and connected members of their community.

City Kids enrolls 20 new 6th graders every year and support them through a six-year or longer process to realize their individual potential and to set and begin to implement individualized future goals.

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